Philadelphia Eagles Primed for Inclement Seasons Following DeSean Jackson Release

Broken wings, shattered dreams and once-strong relationships cut right at the seams.

Do you know who I am referring to? Well, the Philadelphia Eagles, of course! Continue reading


2014 Winter Olympics a Bitter Pill to Swallow

Losing sucks, doesn’t it?

Please, excuse my language. But the truth is that it most certainly does.

I’m sure most can think back to days racing through the field against siblings or that irritating classmate who you probably would’ve decked with the swiftness if the teacher wasn’t looking.

Sanctioned competitions at a varsity level? Boy, an L is even harder to take, including second place.

Usually, pouting and crooked smiles result.

At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the aforementioned couldn’t be truer. Continue reading

Hate Him or Love Him, David Stern’s Going Out on Top

1984 was a very good year.

Okay, I know, I know, I wasn’t in existence until nine years later. But who’s counting, huh?

Alright, enough about my age, let’s take a moment to stand up, wherever you are (whether you’re in front of a computer screen or holding a mobile device at work, in a classroom, etc.) and nod in appreciation for a man who changed not only the game of basketball, but the landscape of sport, period, worldwide.

No, I’m not talking about “His Airness,” Michael Jordan. I’m talking about the now-former commissioner of the NBA, David Stern. Continue reading

Living with Regret

For what literally feels like forever, scouts, journalists and fans alike have waited impatiently for the collegiate debuts of Duke’s Jabari Parker, Kentucky’s Julius Randle and the man who really doesn’t need an introduction, Andrew Wiggins.

At the State Farm Champions Classic, which featured Parker against Wiggins on a court that the former is all too familiar with, 68 NBA scouts were in attendance to watch the stars of tomorrow. Continue reading

Waiting to Progress and Feelings of Hopelessness

Isn’t it oh so easy to become irritated after hearing and/or reading about others’ successes, moves leading to big-time opportunity or someone taking up space in a spot that maybe YOU feel you’re deserving of?

Sure, such displays of annoyance will, most likely, result in someone saying, “Ooh, somebody’s jealous!” But evoking feelings of that nature is, well, natural, and extremely common, too. Continue reading