Behind Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur Continue Ascent Toward EPL’s Top 4

André Villas-Boas has found success in the Russian Premier League, leading Zenit St Petersburg to a somewhat comfortable seven-point lead atop the table.

And that is a justifiable reason to celebrate.

However, whenever topics switch from his current endeavors to past failures, the tone sours immediately, as evident by his critical comments made in December 2014 about Tottenham Hotspur, whom Villas-Boas managed for 18 months before receiving his red slip from chairman Daniel Levy. Continue reading


Barbershop Talk 4/8/14

Milwaukee Bucks Forward Larry Sanders can’t hide his love for Mary Jane, LA Clippers Blake Griffin in a special,  “kingly” class, and the significance of Derek Jeter’s presence on the NY Yankees campaign. Watch Saunders and Eric G. wild out for the entire 45 in the booth. All this and more on Barbershop Talk!

Tell it Like it is: Jamesetta Walker’s Clutch Gene, and How She Keeps it Real

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if trapped in the erratic, turmoil-filled world of an action-drama television show like, say, Fox’s “24” or NBC’s “The Blacklist”?

The chaos and disorder would probably lead most us to throwing up our hands and yelling, “I quit!” proceeding to run into the line of fire, thinking that, when we do, we’ll wake up from that ever-stressful nightmare. Continue reading